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Best 35 cool kitchen gadgets and gifts for home cooking and foodies

It might seem like the MasterChef in your life has every kitchen gizmo and cooking accessory worth having — but he doesn’t. There’s a whole world of ingenious tools out there that can transform the cooking and entertaining experience. Whether your foodie friend is a home cook, baker, wino, grill master or beer snob, you’re bound to find the perfect gift in this roundup of cool products. 

1. Chef Sleeve For iPad

Every chef knows that flour (or any other food) and iPads don’t go together — but what to do when your recipe is on your tablet? This clear chef sleeve slips on your iPad and seals smoothly to prevent any expensive disasters. Bonus: The sleeve dispenser doubles as a stand.

Price: $15

2. Bialetti Pasta Pot

No need for a colander with this Bialetti pasta pot! The lid’s built-in strainer makes draining water or other liquids a cinch — and gives you one less thing to wash. 

Price: $29.99

3. Chef Salt

Salt is a necessity in the kitchen, but why stick to the usual stuff when there’s so much more out there to try? Spice up your home cook’s seasoning selection with these artisan salts that are blended with fragrant herbs and exotic spices. This set comes with 7 Salt, Truffle Herb and Tunisian Fire. 

Price: $30

4. Shark Bite Oven Mitt

Every week can be Shark Week in the kitchen with these Shark Bite oven mitts!

Price: $15.79

5. JDS Beer Flight Set

Home brewers can serve their guests in style with this beer flight set. Add a custom engraving to the wood panel for a personal touch!

Price: $36.74

6. Spatula Engraved With Team Name

Sports fans and tailgaters will love this spatula, which doubles as a bottle opener. The giftee’s favorite team name is engraved in the handle, and the stainless steel spatula is laser etched with the team logo.

Price: $22.99

7. Quirky Portion Cooking Spoon

Instead of using multiple measuring spoons, a measuring cup and a mixing spoon, just use this Portion cooking spoon that has integrated measurement tools. Its hollow handle holds wet or dry ingredients up to ¼ cup, and the silicone spoon has markings inside of it indicating half teaspoon, teaspoon and tablespoon measurements. 

Price: $8.99

8. The Marlowe Lunch Bag

This is about as handsome as lunch bags get. Made of waxed canvas, the Marlowe lunch bag was modeled after the classic brown bag and features a pocket for notes from Mom, Dad or your significant other. 

Price: $44

9. Kipik Toothpick Holder

Let this little hedgehog help you serve your hors d’oeuvres and overwhelm your guests with cuteness.

Price: $25

10. Oxo 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

No need to dirty a knife and a spoon. Split, pit, slice and scoop avocados with this 3-in-1 avocado slicer that does everything but prevent the fruit from browning.

Price: $9.99

11. MixStix Drumstick Spoons

For the home chef who can’t cook without singing and dancing, these drumstick kitchen spoons can help him rock out while making dinner. 

Price: $11.79

12. The Oilless Fryer

No, this isn’t heaven; it’s just a fryer from Hammacher Schlemmer that does the impossible: cooks crisp, delicious fried goodness without any oil. (Maybe it IS heaven?) It uses infrared heating to heat food to 400° F, and has an internal fan that circulates the dry, hot air to cook whatever you wish to fry. The result: chicken nuggets, french fries and more with 80% less fat!

Price: $249.95

13. Citrus Zinger Water Bottle

Perfect for those who consider plain water boring, this Citrus Zinger water bottle stores citrus fruits like lemons and limes in a lower compartment. All you have to do is unscrew the bottom, remove your fruit of choice, and twist and press the citrus half to release its flavor into your H2O.  

Price: $18 

14. Picnic Time Picnic Pack

Everything you could possibly want for a lovely picnic in the park can be stored in this insulated pack. And it comes with just about everything but the food: two wine glasses, two plates, two sets of eating utensils, two cotton napkins, one corkscrew and one cheese knife. 

Price: $65.76

15. Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer

Win over the grill master in your life with this meat tenderizer that infuses food with marinade. A built-in plunger releases marinade into meat via three needle-like applicators, saturating the inside of your steak with flavor-enhancing ingredients.

Price: $49.95

16. Beer Making Kit

For the beer-obsessed who just don’t know how to go about brewing, this 1-gallon beer making kit from Brooklyn BrewShop is a great way to get started. The kit comes with your choice of mix — options range from Everyday IPA to Grapefruit Honey Ale — and all the equipment necessary to brew your own suds at home. 

Price: $40

17. Panda Skillet

If you know a foodie who also spent entirely too much of this year watching panda cams, gift her with this 10.2-inch skillet that’s almost cute enough to cuddle. 

Price: $36

18. Chef’n ZipStrip Herb Zipper

Cooking with fresh herbs comes with one annoying, time-consuming step: removing each and every tiny leaf by hand. Instead, let this herb zipper do it for you by pulling the herb stem through the correctly sized hole — the fresh herbs will fall right into the built-in measuring cup!

Price: $7.95

19. Home Soda Maker

For those who prefer their beverages bubbly, SodaStream has some awesome home soda makers that can turn your water to seltzer in seconds. 

Price: $79.95 to $199.95

20. Spill Stopper Lids

Never ruin your clean stovetop with an overflowing pot again. These spill stopper lids prevent pots from boiling over so you’re spared the mess. 

Price: $29.95

21. Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank

This beautiful block of Himalayan salt adds delicate, complex flavor to all types of food, whether you’re grilling up surf, turf or veg.

Price: $34.95

22. Captain Picard Tea Mug

Geeky tea drinkers will approve of this tea mug, a reference to the “Star Trek” captain’s favorite drink order. 

Price: $13.99 

23. Cuisinart SmartStick Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders can revolutionize home cooking, simplifying the preparation of everything from soups to guacamole to mashed potatoes to milkshakes. The SmartStick blends or whips right in your bowl, pitcher or pot, eliminating the need for extra dishes and the danger of transferring hot liquids to the blender. And at only $34.95, it’s a bargain.

Price: $34.95

24. Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Adventurous cooks are always looking for a new dish or technique to tackle, and this molecular gastronomy kit opens the doors to an entirely different way of cooking. Explore the world of molecular gastronomy as it shows you how to “transform liquids into jelly-like cubes, gelify chopped produce into flavor-packed beads [and] morph melted chocolate into a delicate powder or spaghetti-like strands.”

Price: $58.95

25. USB Chiller And Warmer

No one should have to drink warm seltzer or cold coffee (unless it’s iced). This nifty gadget maintains your drink’s temperature with its chilling and warming technology. Just plug its USB cord right into the computer.

Price: $26

26. Wellness Kitchen Mat

Make cooking a little more comfortable with this wellness mat, which helps reduce backaches, pains, sore feet and fatigue when you spend copious amounts of time standing in the kitchen. 

Price: $69.95 to $279.95

27. Electric Knife Sharpener

This handy kitchen tool allows the home chef to spend more time on his food prep and less time on sharpening his cutlery. Knives are as good as new in seconds.

Price: $149.95

28. Onion Goggles

We included these onion goggles in our 2011 holiday gift guide for home cooks, but it’s such an awesome gift that we had to feature it again. They might look goofy, but this is no gag gift — they really work! Chop away at onions without stopping for intermittent breaks to wipe away tears.

Price: $19.95

29. Press And Measure Herb Infuser

Make your own herb-infused olive oils with this easy-to-use infuser. Combine the oil with an herb of your choice in the bottom compartment, and once the fresh flavors are blended, simply press the button and measure the proper amount of infused oil down to the teaspoon through the top compartment.

Price: $20

30. Joseph Joseph Rinse and Chop Cutting Board

Rinse and chop your fresh produce all in one place with this cutting board that folds in half for easy transport and has a built-in colander. Looking for a cool cutting board but not a fan of this one? Check out our roundup of the top 15 ingenious cutting boards to find the right gift.

Price: $21

31. Silpoura

How many times have you tried to drain the liquid out of a pan and lost ingredients or made a mess in the process? Silpoura — a patented clip-on spout — solves this problem. It easily attaches to mixing and serving bowls, pots, pans, skillets and double boilers, and doubles as a spoon rest. 

Price: $19.99

32. Wine Pearls

If there’s anything worse than warm white wine, it’s watered-down white wine — which is why ice cubes aren’t the best guys for the job when it comes to quickly chilling your glass of chardonnay. Once frozen, these wine pearls do the trick without ruining your vino.

Price: $25

33. Kitchen Scale

This sleek and slim kitchen scale makes weighing ingredients quick and easy with touch-activated keys and a backlit reverse LCD display. And it’s small enough to store just about anywhere without taking up valuable space.

Price: $24.99

34. Aerolatte Milk Frother

Daily Starbucks cappuccinos can get expensive, but fancy espresso and cappuccino makers aren’t cheap. Solution: Whisk the hot milk for your cup o’ Joe with this handheld, battery-powered milk frother, and save yourself some big bucks. 

Price: $17.83

35. Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer

This olive oil sprayer provides you with the functionality of store-bought cooking sprays but with your own favorite olive oils.

Price: $9.99