Greek yogurt benefits and 10 of the infinite ways to cook with it


Bowl of yogurt

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Greek yogurt is one of those foods you should always have on hand that benefits you in many ways. Not only is it incredibly versatile, but it also seems to make everything healthier. One cup offers 13 to 20 grams of protein, and it contains fewer carbohydrates and 50% less sodium than the regular stuff.

Plus, you can substitute nonfat, plain Greek yogurt for so many high-fat ingredients, significantly cutting the overall fat content of your meal! Instead of mayo, sour cream or cream cheese, you can use the same amount of nonfat Greek yogurt for more protein and less artery-clogging. Check out Chobani’s substitutions infographic for a more comprehensive guide. 

Try using plain Greek yogurt benefits — key word being plain; vanilla could ruin your meal, depending on what you’re making — next time you want to make these 10 foods:


1. Soup

Want that creamy texture but not the high-fat heavy cream? Use Greek yogurt for soups like chilled cucumber dill — Andrew Zimmern’s recipe is a personal favorite — or even roasted butternut squash soup.


2. Bread

Believe it or not, yogurt can be used for baking — and not just desserts. You can use Greek yogurt to make all sorts of bread. Try these three awesome recipes for everything bagels, zucchini almond bread and asiago and chive biscuits