No barista needed: How to make refreshing iced coffee at home

Many of us have a hard time getting out the door without a caffeine boost. But during the hot summer months, a steaming cup of coffee might not seem so appealing. Enter iced coffee, refreshing nectar of the gods. But if you grab your cool drink from a coffee shop, you might be paying out-of-this-world prices and drinking up tons of added sugar and artificial flavoring.

Don’t tell Starbucks we told you, but making iced coffee at home is super easy and doesn’t require training as a barista or special equipment. Plus, more and more studies suggest that drinking coffee can help you prevent Alzheimer’s, ward off diabetes and even live longer.

Option 1: The Cold Brew Method
Makes: Two servings

This method gives iced coffee a smooth taste that’s less bitter, so you’re less likely to want to load up on sugar.

  1. Measure out ¼ cup of ground coffee into a container. Stir in 1 cup of cold water.
  2. Refrigerate overnight.
  3. Add another cup of cold water in the morning.
  4. Strain the coffee using a French press, fine mesh strainer or tea strainer. Pour into glasses with ice. Try adding vanilla soymilk for a sweet taste without too much sugar. Liquid sugars also work great in iced coffee.

Option 2: The Hot Brew Method
Try this method if you don’t have a French press or mesh strainer. Just refrigerate regular brewed coffee overnight and pour over ice in the morning. If you like sugar in your coffee, add it when the coffee is hot so it dissolves better. To help with the dilution that happens when you add ice cubes, try freezing some coffee into ice cubes to use instead, or brew the pot a little stronger than normal.